Monday, August 24, 2009

A great swap

This has been a great swap my pal got her package and loved it I had so much fun picking out everything for her. I cant wait to get my package! It is exciting that there is going to be a HSKS 9 but I will not be able to be a part of it. Too many thing going on but I hope that you all have fun!! Thanks for makeing this a great swap everyone!!!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009


So i have my pals package ready but i came home from chemo yesterday and one of my wonderful sons ate all her candy! So when I am feeling better I will have to go and get some new candy for her and pack it away before the kiddos get to them!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Package almost done

Well another round of chemo in and Im not feeling so great. But good news is that I have my pals package almost done just a few more things to get and then off with the owl post!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Getting Ready for Half Blood Prince

So I have been rereading HBP started yesterday didn't get very far, been too sick to read so today my wonderful hubby asked if I wanted to watch all the movies in HD before the new one comes out so the whole family watched Sorcerers Stone tonight and tomorrow is Chamber of Secrets. I did finally decide that I want Ron's blanket so I am going to start making squares out of scraps that is going to be my summer project for now! I hope that everyone is having a great time!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer Games Part 1

Part 1: "What's in your trunk?"List 10 items beginning with the same letter as your first name that you brought with you to camp.
Lets see

Cans of pop
Crafts to do
Cornish pixies (dont know where they came from)
Cards (if anyone wants to play poker :) )
Cell Phone ( gotta keep in touch with everyone)
chips (need some salty snacks)
candy (need some sweet snacks)
Contacts lens ( I have to be able to see)
crayons ( my son must have put those in there)

Part 2: WINGO! Wizard BingoGet WINGO! by finding fellow campers with these unique attributes all in one row or column of the WINGO board.
You can save the image and color it in as you’d like or list their names on your blog like this: No repeating names. Each square must be filled with a different name. Be sure to explain your answers as indicated. Find one row, two… black out the whole thing. Just enjoy getting to know each other!




W4 Wisteria Lovegood






I5 Antonio dela Weasley










O2 Cassie Grubbly Plank


O5 Cassandra Crimsonchin

Part 3: Get to know your Spoiler & Spoilee Go through your spoiler AND spoilee’s projects on Ravelry (I think everyone has at least 1 thing I’d hope!) and comment on or favorite something you like. This is another way to get to know them better.
My Spoiler Is Miss Winnie Wartbobble we have talked many times and I have to say the first thing that jumped out at me was her rasberry death hat very nice!!
My spoilee is Minerva Lovegood and I saw her 1/2 dead fish hat and thought it was great! I add it to my faves

Monday, June 15, 2009

3 truths 1 lie

Hmm. lets see what I want to share :)
Well ok
I am a boy of 3 boys 15 year old twins and 10 year old.
I have a great husband!
I am a cancer survivor but unfortunaltly it has returned and I am under going chemo again.
I am addicted to oreos!
I am excited about summer camp! Glad to be in Hinkypunk!! Its going to be a fun summer!!! Cant wait to get to know you all better!